Posted by: alexhimaya | July 31, 2008

i love my church

I love my church!  Here are just a few of the things we’re doing in Tulsa that I’m so proud of our people for:   We are actively involved in missions here in Tulsa, America, and the world. This approach is taken directly from scripture in Acts 1:8. It is our belief that Jesus died for all people and we seek on going ministry among those who don’t know him. While having a three-fold purpose we are very focused in what we do in order to have a maximum impact wherever we minister.

Church on the Street- Giving to those who can’t give back: We seek to meet people’s practical needs with a good meal in order to earn the right to share Jesus. We pass out food and have an evangelistic service in low income areas of Tulsa.

Benevolence Ministry (Safe Harbor)- This is another practical ministry that provides food and clothing to those in need. We use this as an opportunity to share the love of Christ. On average we help around 30 families a month with their emergency needs.

Gospel in 5 Languages- It is our goal for all of our children at TCABC to be able to share the gospel in five major languages by the time they are in 5th grade. We want to instill in them at a very young age that God cares about the whole world.

Prison Ministry- We are in prisons all over Oklahoma sharing the gospel every week.

Deaf Church at BattleCreek- This is the only Deaf Church in this part of Oklahoma. This mission church meets in our west hall and has a deaf pastor so they are able to meet the unique needs of deaf people and their hearing family members.

Agua Viva- This is one of the largest Hispanic Missions in the Tulsa area. They meet in our west hall on Sundays and Wednesdays. Every one is welcome, but this is an all Spanish speaking venue. We minister to over 100 families a week in this ministry.

International Students at TU- This is a way for us to reach the world at our doorstep. Through this ministry we can reach people from all over the world without ever leaving Tulsa. It is said that 80% of the world’s leaders are trained in the U.S. It is our goal through this ministry to see these leaders come to know Christ and take the Good News back to their unreached countries.

Back yard Bible clubs- These are Bible Schools specifically for children in low income areas. We want to provide a fun and safe environment for children from all social backgrounds to experience the love of Christ. We hope to reach over 250 children and their families this year.



  1. We love our church. We love our pastor and his family. We love the staff. We especially love the support we have received the past four months, as my wife battles brain cancer, from our church family and community group. The love has been tangible and the stories of support would blow your mind. One that comes to mind is that our freezer is full of 48 meals that were pre-prepared for us to eat during Julie’s radiation treatments. We are honered to serve at Battlecreek. Many times throughout our early battle people gave us cards with money to cover our travel expences to San Fran to have the brain tumor removed. We look so forward to gather with our friends and family each week to cellebrate what God is doing in our lives during the week. The attitude of the people at Battlecreek to serve and touch the world with Christ’s love is far beyond anything we have ever been a part of!!!!!

    We are so thankful!!!!
    Chris and Julie Hyslop

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