Posted by: alexhimaya | August 1, 2008

Blogging and Men’s Retreat

As I begin this entry and this blog, I have to admit this is not something that I am all together comfortable with.  I feel the desire to create an on-line community, but many of the blogs I have read appear to be no more than an on-line “for the world to see” diary.  So, as with many things I have felt led to do, with little comfort in the beginning, I am pressing in and on. 

This afternoon I will take 150 men from our church (both campuses) to Disney for a men’s retreat.  That is Disney, OK not Walt’s place.  Please pray with me that God will speak through me and will meet us in this 24 hour period of retreat.




  1. Alex,

    Thanks for the message that you shared at the Freedom Retreat. I am convinced that you are right that every man needs a cause for which to fight. For those of us who are believers, we need that fight to make a difference for the Kingdom.

    I heard a quote that was attributed to Ralph Ellison’s book “The Invisible Man” that said, “The ability to dream has been beaten out of me by this experience called life.” As the guys at the retreat shared their struggles in the small group discussions, I was reminded of Ellison’s quote. There are many “walking wounded” among Christian men. Thanks for reminding us that we have all the weapons that we need to fight this battle – in fact according to Paul, we are more than conqerors. And thank you for challenging us to be the men that God has called us to be.

    Col 2:2-3

  2. The retreat was a great success, but I believe the blog and the online community are brilliant ideas. So many stories exist at the Church, it would be impossible without the use of technology to share them with everyone. Great move !! God Bless.

  3. if i was totally honest, i think of bloggers as guys who don’t have jobs, live in their mom’s basement, believe in Hyper Calvinism or Pelagianism, and complain a lot or are attached to the apron strings of the pastor. These are the guys who weren’t taught to tackle the bully next door. BUT I know there are awesome uses for blogging for those like Alex, Mark Driscoll, Perry Noble, Craig Groschel, etc…
    The men’s retreat was great. We ought to partner up with some larger churches in Tulsa and do this again with someone like the Kirk, Life, Redeemer, etc…
    “I sought the LORD and He answered me and delivered me from all of my fears”- Psalm 34:4

  4. matt,
    I am excited about getting to know you better.
    I think getting together with other larger churches is a great idea for next year…
    if you have contacts at any of these you listed–
    Brian Bynum at the pryor campus is the contact on our end!


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