Posted by: alexhimaya | August 7, 2008

Again…I love this Church

On Tuesday morning this week I finished my private time with the Lord by opening my email.  I had dozens like most mornings.  I want to cut and paste 2 of them here today to show you the extremes or the different  places people are in that are attracted to what the Lord is doing here at The Church at BattleCreek…

I know they are several paragraphs long…but I promise it is worth the read…May God continue to take people down the path from where they are to intimacy with Him and use us along the way too!

I love this place!

Hey brother alex my name is “…”. I dont Know if you remember me but i used to go to first baptist ba when you were youth minister. Im sorry to bother you but i have a problem. I was sittin with my two best friends tonight and we were drinkin and talk about religen came up. They said they thought the bible was just a book of morals and my buddies wife said she didnt beleave in hell. I told them give me two weeks to prove them wrong. Am I right to do that I mean I aint been to church in a long time and I have sinned a lot. I mean I still beleave that christ is my saviour but I had been drinkin. Could you give me any advice. Im sorry again to bother. I will try to be at your church on sunday cause I really want to hear you preach again but I might have to work…. I have been in a battle for a long time… Im sorry to bother again…. 


and then another email from another person…

something happened Sunday not coincidental with your AWESOME sermon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    If you have time to read I have put my words into this email.

Sunday August 3rd   Some days are good, some days are bad, and some are great. What a day in our life with God.  I will shorten it to the closing moments just before bed.  Joshua who insists on going to bed with Julie every single night, and I mean 365 nights of the year, decided to change things up a bit.   This night was going to be different in a major way.  Joshua decided to walk into the living room as I was typing.  He was insistent that he get into my lap and see what I was doing.  All I was doing was typing an email, so needless to say the computer went off my lap and onto the floor immediately.  Joshua did not say a word.  He just simply crawled up into my arms and hugged on me.  I told him how proud I was of him that day.  And he said, “Yea what about Dad?”  I told him, “Joshua I am so proud of your fishing skills.”  He quickly reminded me in a very very proud voice, “Dad you should be proud of me removing my first fish from a hook today.”  I laughed and said, “Oh yes son wow you did such a good job.”  As Josh lay there in my arms getting comfortable, he did not say another word.  All he wanted to do is love on me and have me love on him.  Soon he was fast asleep in my arms.  What a moment!!!  Something dawned on me as many of my God moments have through my sons. What was I really most proud of Joshua this day?  Fishing is one of the most important things in my life and being able to share my passion with my son’s brings me great joy.  This however was not what I was most proud of this day.   What I was most proud of him this day was that he decided to come to me, crawl up into my lap and love on me and just be with me.  I am not a story writer but I feel compelled to write something to reflect on this moment and our parallel with our Loving Father.


“Lord, I have come to spend some time with you tonight,” I said in a humble manner. “I  have no agenda.  I have no schedule, just you and me,” I said with an open spirit ready to hear him speak to me.    God says to me in such a loving voice filled with peace and joy, “ Son do you know how proud I am of you today?  I reply, “You are?”  And He says, “Yes.”  So my mind begins to wonder of the things I had done that day that he could possibly be proud of me for doing.  So I said confidently, “You must have seen me witnessing to my neighbor, no it must have been that I went to church today, or maybe you saw me give my lunch to the homeless man?”  God said, “No son.”  I sat there in His arms for a moment still trying to think of what it must be that made my Father so proud of me that day.   “Oh yea,” I said, “You must have seen me praying with my friend at church for Your healing in her life.”  God chuckled for a moment and said, “You are not getting it are you?  I sat there in a stupor, knowing I was in His presence and knowing that He is proud of me but for what?  These are all the things I know He should be proud of me for, but what is it?  Why on earth would God be proud of me?  Could it be that I prayed for an hour and thirty minutes non stop?  Finally, very puzzled I asked, “God I don’t know what it is.  Can you tell me?”  He replied, “Son I am most proud of you because you came to me to crawl up into my lap and just be with me.  To love me and let me love you.  You made the choice to throw your agenda out the window and come to me and sit and talk, laugh, and share in an intimate relationship with Me.”  I wiped my eyes of the tears.  I was thinking for a moment and getting a revelation that He is not most proud of what I do or don’t do for Him on a daily basis.  He is most proud of me that I made a choice to come to Him and abide in Him. 

I said to Him, “Lord I love you with all of my heart.  Forgive me, but I just sometimes cannot fathom your unconditional love for me.  I am so thankful for you showing me pieces of  Your love for me through my sons.”  One last thing, I said with tears of thankfulness rolling down my face because for a moment I think of the love I have for my children, “I want to thank you for giving your ONE and only Son to die on the cross.”  He simply replied, “I love you. I created you.  I know you and your daily struggles.  I walk by your side each day, and by the way I need to I tell you I am proud of you again.  You will probably never fully understand My love for you but I will continue to show you as you walk with me on earth.  But I promise someday that I will reveal My love for you when you are in My arms in a place that I have prepared for you.”



  1. I also LOVE this place!! I am so glad you shared with us! The story is awesome! God is so good!!

  2. What does he mean he is not a story writer?!…this was an amazing devotional that drew me to sit in my Father’s lap as well. Thanks for sharing!

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