Posted by: alexhimaya | August 14, 2008


Today I spent a good percentage of my free time talking to Union Public School employees including secretaries, receptionists, principals, and administrators.  Because we moved from one house to another this past spring we also moved from one elementary school district to another. 

We have absolutely loved the kids elementary school that they have been attending.  We also have heard many good things about the new one.  When we found out we were moving we applied for a transfer back to our previous school…I spent a lot of time today trying to figure this all out…all of this background to set the up the point…

There is nothing I would not do for my children.  My love for them is indescribable!  I want what is best for them and then some!  The way I pray for them, think about them and adore them…the way I bubble up inside in moments with them…all of these things are not just human hormones or emotions…they are the very finger print of God.  These things are reflections (not perfect) of the love of God for us!

May we live and experience all the love of our Heavenly Father!



  1. Isn’t it amazing that balanced with that indescibable love also comes torturous frustration at times. But as I think about it, they wouldn’t survive the frustration if it wasn’t for the depth of our love for them.

  2. absolutly!

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