Posted by: alexhimaya | August 18, 2008

August 17, 2008

First Day in new worship center

First Day in new worship center

Yesterday, August 17th, was our first day in the new worship center!

What a day it was, not only did we see a new record of over 3,000 people in worship, but more importantly, many lives were changed.  We baptized 13 new believers also!  Man it was so exciting to see that!  God has really chosen to favor TCABC and magnify himself here!  From 120 people five years ago to this world impacting congregation today is only explainable by…God did it!  I am so proud of this body of believers.

May God continue to shine here!



  1. ….had to give a quick credit to Chris for that AWESOME picture!….it was a great morning

  2. It is amazing what God does when we get out of the way to let Him do His work! I’m some what new to the church from Jacksonville, FL, and my wife and I are overjoyed that God has led us to a church that truly loves Him and doesn’t let all the other “churchy” stuff get in the way. I pray that the members of this church keep their guard up, stay prepared in season and out of season, because the trials will come, and we have to be ready for them.

  3. Scott,
    you are so right! Keep leaning on Jesus!

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