Posted by: alexhimaya | August 20, 2008


Little Alejandra

Little Alejandra

Well, I am sure those of you who read this blog have been waiting on an update on how our adoption is going.  We have not had any real news in several weeks.  The latest news we got included a 16 page fax in Spanish Legalese.  The document is basically the story of how Alejandra was abandoned, some about her mother, and the minutes of the official abandonment decree.

Through, my friend Tom Quinn and his friends at the National Center for exploited and missing children in the State Department we did get the right questions to ask the attorney in Guatemala.   When we asked the questions we became certain of what we had feared for several months now—we are not in the 2007 group of adoptions that are still being processed.  We are in the 2008 group that is in an indefinite wait for international adoptions in Guatemala to begin again.  This could happen any day or could be another year.

Once the country opens back up international adoptions, our process can begin again.  We don’t know what will be different yet about the new procedure.  It could be shorter or it could be longer.  We do know one thing about the new procedure and that is that a Guatemalan family will get preference in Guatemalan adoptions.  This means that if a Guatemalan family decides that they would like to adopt Alejandra in the mean time, they will get her.  So the bottom line of where we are is…Only God can make this happen and He is in control of the time line, and we are ready and available to receive this child into our arms and family.  In the wait process, Alejandra is in an orphanage waiting for a forever family.  So we pray to our soverign God for ONLY His PERFECT will and His selected family to have Alejandra soon!

Please pray with us!



  1. So sorry to hear that. We will continue to pray for that little angel and all of the other children that are waiting for their forever family. Life can really stink sometimes and that’s all I will say about that.

    You know it is often comforting to think that God is ultimately in control, but at the same time, it doesn’t ease the frustration when things like this are taken out of our hands. We will be praying.

  2. Father,
    Accomplish Your perfect plan in Your perfect time. Grant wisdom, patience, and confidence to Meredith, Alex and their family. Protect and provide for Alejandra every resource she needs to grow, mature, and thrive. Our confidence is in You alone!

  3. little ali ruth –
    my heart has been with you since the day i heard your name. i pray that God provides you what we he deems right and perfect. you are beautiful sweet girl! know you are loved all over the world.

  4. Lord,

    We thank you that You have a plan for Alejandra’s life and each of ours. We pray that all remaining obstacles in the adoption process will be removed and You will place a hedge of protection around Alejandra in the meantime. God, give Alex and Meredith divine wisdom to know when to push back against the obstacles and when to simply wait on you. Envelope the Himaya’s in Your peace which passes all understanding while they seek to serve you through this process. We give You all the glory!

  5. Toby,
    thanks my brother!

  6. Hannah, David, Toby, Christina,
    thanks for your prayers…
    they are coveted!!!

  7. Alex, my friend! I’ve not done a very good job of keeping up with you, but I just found your blog and this posting and now I can pray specifically for you and Meredith and the kids. Much love, Amy

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