Posted by: alexhimaya | October 13, 2008

The Economy, Election, and Sports…

What crazy times we live in…

From a stock market that is in it’s greatest turmoil since The Great Depression to a election that is reciveing unprecedented coverage and press…it seems out of control.  In addition, OU lost to Texas and the Razorbacks somehow pulled out a victory against Auburn this weekend.

In days like this, our confidence in the Jesus, the Word of God and His Kingdom are so vitally important.  Pray with me that during these uncertain times that faith in Jesus in the global church will take root and grow substantially.  I believe we as the Church also have a uniuqe opportunity to share hope with those who are hopeless; faith with those who are faithless; and security with those who lack it.  During times like these many people will realize all they have placed their hope in will not hold.  We must be ready to share the reason for the hope we have!



  1. Things have been a little crazy lately but the economy (and OU) will recover and restore our lives back to whatever normal status we had prior to all of this. But in these difficult times, we need to remember that God is in control. And like Alex is always saying, investing in His economy is the safest investment you can make. My wife and I have our retirement plan invested in stocks and like many others, we have watched it dwindle down to practically nothing. But we also challenged God three ago and began tithing to the church. Since then, God has always provided for our every need and has blessed us with more than we could have imagined.

    The reason we have hope is because we trust God and His word. Thanks Alex for your leadership and your example.


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