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In God We Do Not Trust by Mark Driscoll

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Mark Driscoll

In my years of pastoral ministry I have worked very hard to not be political. I believe that my job as a pastor is to preach and teach the Bible well so that my people make their decisions, including their voting decisions, out of their faith convictions.

This election season which has dominated the cultural conversation for many months has been particularly insightful regarding the incessant gospel thirst that abides deep in the heart of the men and women who bear God’s image. Without endorsing or maligning either political party or their respective presidential candidates, I am hopeful that a few insights from the recent election season are of help, particularly to younger evangelicals.

First, people are longing for a savior who will atone for their sins. In this election, people thirst for a savior who will atone for their economic sins of buying things they did not need with money they did not have. The result is a mountain of credit debt they cannot pay and a desperate yearning that somehow a new president will save them from economic hell.

Second, people are longing for a king who will keep them safe from terror in his kingdom. In the Old Testament the concept of a peaceable kingdom is marked by the word shalom. In shalom there is not only the absence of sin, war, strife, and suffering but also the presence of love, peace, harmony, and health. And, this thirst for shalom is so parched that every election people cannot help but naively believe that if their candidate simply wins shalom is sure to come despite sin and the curse.

The bottom line is obvious to those with gospel eyes. People are longing for Jesus, and tragically left voting for mere presidential candidates. For those whose candidate wins today there will be some months of groundless euphoric faith in that candidate and the atoning salvation that their kingdom will bring. But, in time, their supporters will see that no matter who wins the presidency, they are mere mortals prone to sin, folly, and self-interest just like all the other sons of Adam and daughters of Eve. To help extend naïve false hope as long as possible, a great enemy will be named and demonized as the one who is hindering all of the progress to atone for our sins and usher in our kingdom. If the Democrats win it will be the rich, and if the Republicans win it will be the terrorists. This diversionary trick is as old as Eve who blamed her sin on Satan rather than repenting. The lie is that it’s always someone else’s fault and we’re always the victim of sinners and never the sinner.

Speaking of repentance, sadly, no matter who wins there will be no call to personal repentance of our own personal sins which contributes to cultural suffering and decline such as our pride, gluttony, covetousness, greed, indebtedness, self-righteousness, perversion, and laziness. And, in four years we’ll do it all again and pretend that this time things will be different. Four years after that, we’ll do it yet again. And, we’ll continue driving around this cul de sac until Jesus returns, sets up his throne, and puts an end to folly once and for all.

In the meantime, I would encourage all preachers to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and repentance of personal sin. He alone can truly atone for our sins. He alone can deliver us from a real hell. He alone is our sinless and great King. And, he alone has a Shalom kingdom to offer.

Lastly, for those preachers who have gotten sidetracked for the cause of a false king and a false kingdom by making too much of the election and too little of Jesus, today is a good day to practice repentance in preparation to preach it on Sunday. Just give it some time. The thirst will remain that only Jesus can quench. So, we’ve still got work to do….until we see King Jesus and voting is done once and for all.



  1. Here’s a comment for you…since the election is over, what’s done is done….For mnths now, I have had to literally take myself out of church. I’ve been a Christian since I was a child, but the attitude of so many Christians over this past election cycle has been so abhorrent to me, that I knew if I didn’t take myself out voluntarily, I would run screaming from the church never to return. I can’t help but wonder how many people Christians have permanently turned off to the attitude of Jesus because of the right-wing, vitriolic views these Christians hold. As a Democrat, being at church for the past year has been downright painful. I felt personally attacked when wing-nuts, who are my FRIENDS would throw out political nuggets that I knew to be false, or at the very least, misleading. I knew this because I follow politics very closely, and I fact-check. If believe something, I want it to be because it’s true, not because it’s partisan and it fits with a political philosophy.
    I just wanted to let you know that the way many church members have behaved over the past 2 years is horribly dangerous. I recognize that there are absolutes in life, clearly, we must take a stand. But, just as Jesus cares about abortion, he also cares about how many people IN THIS COUNTRY went hungry last night, he cares about the 350,000 people who lost their jobs in OCTOBER alone, he cares about the children from a heterosexual marriage whose parents are divorced and no one cares about them, the adults are so wrapped up in their own lives. Yet, so many Oklahomans are obsessed with the whole “Gay Thing” The values of a culture are what we live, not what we say we believe. So, in Oklahoma, our values are divorce, domestc violence, unwed motherhood, low educational standards, methamphetamine prod/distr. and child abuse, yet we’re Christian, so DON”T ABORT. Talk about one track minds. I just wanted to share with you what a Christian woman is dealing with and how I feel the church has an abysmal record in reaching ALL of us. I’m 39, a SAHM, married to my FIRST (and last, God help me) husband, daddy of all my children, with 3 children in a Christian school. It’s been very lonely over the past two years for us. And yes, as a parent of both bio and adopted children, I pray for precious Alejandra

  2. Alex-Good post from Driscoll. I think that he really hit the nail on the head. We (Christians) forget the Gospel so often. We continually search for saviors to get us out of our proverbial hells. We want sermons on: 5 Steps to Get Out of… or 10 Ways to a Better… Often trading the Gospel for self sufficient morality.

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