Posted by: alexhimaya | November 5, 2008

I wanted to encourage anyone who sees my blog to check out a new website I
found: This site is run by Voice of the Martyrs and
focuses on believers who are imprisoned around the world. They have a tool that
allows you to write a letter in the language of an imprisoned pastor or lay
leader. I am certain that officials take note of those prisoners in China, North
Vietnam, etc., who receive mail from the United States. It takes very little
time, and will cost you about $1 to mail the letter.

The following
describes the “crimes” of a man arrested over a year ago in Vietnam:

Arrested: March 2007

In May 2008, Nguyen Van
Dai, a Vietnamese Protestant church leader and lawyer, was sentenced to five
years in prison and followed by four years of house arrest. Nguyen was accused
of a wide range of crimes, including “conspiring with terrorists, in their
efforts to promote human rights efforts, including religious rights and
democracy.” He was also accused of compiling “evidence of Vietnam’s suppression
of the Protestant religion and providing it to the U.S.-based Committee for
Religious Freedom in Vietnam and the U.S. embassy.” 


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