Posted by: alexhimaya | November 21, 2008

Please Pray for Alejandra!

We were informed recently that the orphanage, “La Divnia Trinidad” in Guatemala, that Alejandra has been in has closed down and she has been moved to another orphanage.  The one she was in was a very nice one and we have been told the new one is not on the same level at all.  We must pray that God will open the country of Guatemala to international adoption again soon and in the mean time that God will put Spirit-filled, Christian, and competent care givers to care 20080522_abka_alejandra_001for her.

We are in the battle and praying for a series of miracles!

Thanks for praying with us!



  1. we heard about this at CG last week, we are praying

  2. God, I pray for your unending protection over little Ali and that you would bless her with good little friends and great caretakers. I pray that she would feel Alex and Meredith’s love and that you would give them peace that only you can give, especially during these holiday times. Thank you for putting Alejandra in their hearts, bring this adoption into fruition.

  3. Father God,
    This is such a fervent prayer for this sweet litle girl would love to have her own home to come to. Lord, we know you can move mountains and change laws, if need be. We pray a hedge of protection around her innocent little life, we pray mercy on this sweet family who want this child so much. I pray blessing and favor for the way this family has handled this rough news with grace + human emotion. Please help this family, Lord, to be very clear wih hope faith, and wisdom in this situation. I pray that baby A will be able to thrive and count as good each exoerience she has on her jouney toAlex and Meredith. I pray that this child will still be a part of this family.

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