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Dr. Alex Himaya is the founding and Senior Pastor of The Church at BattleCreek, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Church at BattleCreek is one of the fastest growing churches in America. It has grown from 120 to over 2,200 in attendance in its first five years of existence.

Prior to returning to the Tulsa area, Alex served as the Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church of Springdale, Arkansas, where God blessed him with one of the most successful youth ministries in the nation.  Alex continues to use his gifts to further the Kingdom of God and is busier than ever in  leading one of the premiere ministries in the world.  His youth ministries were built on the belief that teenagers can be full-fledged disciples of Jesus Christ.  He now turns his attention to  developing a healthy church body of all ages and turning that body into disciples for reaching Tulsa , America and the World.  As one of the nation’s forefront speakers and visionaries, God has blessed  Alex with the talent to reach the high tech culture of Generation Next.   Involved in revivals, citywide rallies, camps, and school assemblies,  Alex speaks almost 200 times each year. The heart’s cry of  The Church at BattleCreek is to effectively present the same relevant message, the Gospel of Christ, using fresh,  innovative methods, resources  and technology .

Alex and his wife of 14 years, Meredith, have three children. Katherine is 8 years old, Eli is 6 and Benjamin is 4 years old. Alex received his bachelor’s degree from Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas and his Masters degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He finished his Doctorate in Church Growth and Evangelism in May of 2002.

Alex enjoys his opportunities to share the gospel and speak to students, singles and young adults all over the country. He works with Student Life Camps, In Quest Camps, and various retreats, conferences, and evangelistic events.



  1. I am interested in the single ministry for my neices. They are not looking to meet men they are looking to learn more about service in God’s ministries. The biggest complaint they have going to Sunday Schools is that they don’t ever get around to the WORD of God, they only talk about the problems they have in life. I know there is a time and a place for that but these are single women and one a mother that just wants to grow in the word.

  2. I totally agree…
    Depending on your daughters stage of life or age…
    if they are college age — Chris Colvin is the contact.
    if they are older than that — Daryl Brown is the contact….please call 918-355-3699….
    praying w/ you today!

  3. I am so proud of you today Alex. I love you very much. Mom

  4. Sounds like things are going very well for you. Go figure. You have a great looking family. Email me and I’ll send you some photos of my family….in particular, my 10 month old daughter, Allie…


  5. Alex…Your kids are so grown up, I cannot believe it! I miss you guys and have been thinking about you all. I am finishing up an internship in LA doing inner city ministry…headed back to A&M to finish my senior year in a few weeks.

    I would love to hear from you or Meredith!

  6. Hey Katie!
    Great to hear from you. I hear from your dad about 2 times per year. Love to connect with you…what is your email address?

  7. Grady!

    Word is you were running around my old stompin’ ground. You made a big impact on the youth in Howard County. Nice job.

    Great looking family ~ Remind Mert that I taught her everything thing she knows about banking. (EHBT)

    Tell your folks I said hello. (As well as Paul and your little sister).



    PS – I see Chess dropped by. We should round up ol’ Virg and all get together sometime. Ha!

  8. Alex, Praise the Lord for facebook. I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to get in contact with you for years. Drop me a line when you get a chance. Brian

  9. i go to long hollow babtist church, and i was just looking to see who the speaker was this year, and well its you. It will be my first year at the high school camp, im a little nervous but im super excited. a few years ago i was rededicated at the middle school camp.i love that every year i meet great godly people and learn more about god and my relationship i have and should have. i am so excited to hear you at camp this year!!!


  10. Hi Alex! my name is Jordan I’m 17 and I go to Long Hollow Baptist! I was at church camp this past week and I heard you talk about the Isreall trip and I never signed up for it but I would love to sign up because I’m very interested in going! so if you wouldn’t mind emailing me the information that would be great! I will be praying about the trip! Thanks so much! Have a Great day in the Lord!
    Email: jjizzlebug13@comcast.net

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